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An Artist’s Profile

Italian born Tonino Mantovani believes that every woman’s wardrobe should contain something extraordinary.

Each of his exquisite scarves begins with a painting, infused with colors and abstract images inspired by his lifetime of travel to some of the greatest art and fashion meccas of the world. Once transferred onto luxurious Chinese silk, Tonino’s designs elevate a versatile fashion accessory into a sophisticated, wearable work of art.

Tonino’s story began in a small village outside of Bologna.  In search of better opportunities, he moved to Milan at the age of 14, where he lived with a favorite aunt while working at the famous Ristorante Savini. It was here that Tonino experienced his first taste of celebrity style.

Over the next several years, Tonino worked in hotels in France, Germany, Switzerland, England and Bermuda, studying the languages and absorbing culture as he traveled. He came to North America with a dream of becoming an elite hair stylist. He enrolled in hairdressing school in Washington, D.C., and went to work for a well known stylist whose clientele included the White House.

Tonino’s interest in clean, precision cutting took him back to Europe and the Vidal Sassoon Academy. He then brought his sophisticated skills to Canada, first in Toronto and then Calgary, where he opened his own salon. Over the next years, he became a leader in the local fashion scene, and he continued to travel to fashion meccas like San Francisco, London, and Los Angeles to keep abreast of the latest trends.

In 2014, Tonino began his new foray in the world of fashion design. His line of scarf designs marries his lifelong passion for painting, with his wealth of experience in international fashion.

With plans to expand into a new winter line of Mongolian cashmere scarves for men and women, his silk designs are currently sold in boutiques in Verona [Italy] and Sydney [Australia].  By sharing his art in this way, he hopes each scarf will bring harmony and timeless beauty into the life of its wearer.


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