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Italian born Tonino Mantovani believes that every woman’s wardrobe should contain something extraordinary.

Welcome – I want to share with you the beginnings. From a very early age, I had the privilege and good fortune to live all over the world, mostly in Europe. I was exposed to many different cultures as well as learning many different languages. Through that experience, I was part of many disciplines in terms of work and opportunity. This gave me an understanding of what it means to do one discipline or another and not always think that’s the only thing you can do. This chance to explore my world and what it means to function and express myself fully through those experiences was wonderful. Of course, you spend a lifetime in a variety of work and career, and at the same time, you have a personal life that is evolving and then importantly you dream of fulfillment.

My expression now is that having spent this time and having accumulated those experiences and hopefully having gained wisdom, I find myself here. My new discipline, is of course, in relation to fashion and I find it the most creative experience. I feel very fulfilled – I do my art, which has been a love thorough my life, and I think that this is something we all are – we are all artists. We are artists because we can all express ourselves. I feel that having chosen this new path with my scarves and in being part of this family of fashion I have been given a new sense of expression. All the work that has been done is a combination of great texture and colour.

Choosing the scarf has also been of importance to me because it is a small item that everyone can actually wear and can be part of their wardrobe. At the same time, it is like someone choosing and putting on their lipstick with each occasion. It creates a sense of who you are with a smile. A scarf does a very similar thing as once you have chosen your wardrobe the scarf finishes it off in a perfect way. It gives you that unique expression of yourself and that is something that takes you from a way of exploring small possibilities to becoming so unique in the way you express yourself with confidence – through the way you dress and the way you live and the way you wear your scarf.

I hope in reading this you have a sense of why I am creating the scarves with my art. I hope it will be a wonderful asset to your wardrobe. I recommend to any of you to explore many expressions in life as that will enrich your work and your personal life in so many ways. I thank you for your time and hope that you will experience what it means to wear a Mantovani scarf.

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